Salesforce: Verifica le scratch org create nella org

You can view and delete your scratch orgs and their associated requests from the Dev Hub.

In Dev Hub, ActiveScratchOrgs represent the scratch orgs that are currently in use. ScratchOrgInfos represent the requests that were used to create scratch orgs and provide historical context.

  1. Log in to Dev Hub org as the System Administrator or as a user with the Salesforce DX permissions.
  2. From the App Launcher, select Active Scratch Org to see a list of all active scratch orgs.To view more details about a scratch org, click the link in the Number column.
  3. To delete an active scratch org from the Active Scratch Org list view, choose Delete from the dropdown.Deleting an active scratch org does not delete the request (ScratchOrgInfo) that created it, but it does free up a scratch org so that it doesn’t count against your allocations.
  4. To view the requests that created the scratch orgs, select Scratch Org Info from the App Launcher.To view more details about a request, click the link in the Number column. The details of a scratch org request include whether it’s active, expired, or deleted.
  5. To delete the request that was used to create a scratch org, choose Delete from the dropdown.Deleting the request (ScratchOrgInfo) also deletes the active scratch org.

Deploy da scratch org a org usando la CLI di Salesforce DX

  • Installare il proprio pacchetto in locale o crearne uno. Pacchetto di esempio
  • sfdx force:source:push nella scratch org
  • sfdx force:org:open la scratch org
  • sfdx force:auth:web:login -d -a myhuborg login in org
  • sfdx force:source:deploy -p force-app -u deploy in org
  • sfdx force:user:permset:assign -n ebikes -u set permission user of org