Come deployare le community in Salesforce usando change set

Per usare change set per il deploy delle community è importante evitare di modificare la struttura della url della community.

Se sulla sandbox creaimo la Community all’indirizzo [dominio] e sulla produzione invece [dominio]/[folder] avremo quasi sicuramente dei problemi.

Una best practices è creare la nostra community sulla sandbox e sulla produzione come [domino]/[folder]

La procedura per il deploy usando change set è :

  1. Create and test your community in your preferred test org, such as sandbox.
  2. From Setup in your test org, enter Outbound Change Sets in the Quick Find box, and then select Outbound Change Sets.
  3. Create a change set, and click Add in the Change Set Components section.
  4. Select the Network component type, choose your community, and then click Add to Change Set.
  5. To add dependent items, click View/Add Dependencies. We recommend selecting all the dependencies listed.TIP
    • For navigation menus that link to standard objects, custom list views aren’t included as dependencies. Manually add the custom list view to your change list.
    • Manually add new or modified profiles or permission sets referenced in Administration | Members.
    • The list of dependencies has two items—MyCommunityName and MyCommunityName1. MyCommunityName holds the various Visualforce pages that you can set in Administration (in Community Workspaces or Community Management). MyCommunityName1 includes the pages from Community Builder.
  6. Click Upload and select your target org, such as production.Make sure that the target org allows inbound connections. The inbound and outbound orgs must have a deployment connection.
  7. From Setup, select Inbound Change Sets and find the change set that you uploaded from your source org.
  8. Validate and deploy the change set to make it available in the target org.
    • WARNING When you deploy an inbound change set, it overwrites the community in the target org.
  9. Manually reconfigure any unsupported items in the target org community.
  10. Add data for your community, and test it to make sure that everything works as expected. Then publish your changes to go live.